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Why Pop Warner?

This section was written to help parents make an informed decision when deciding which is the best tackle football program for their child. 

Why Choose Pop Warner and the Danbury Trojans

The Danbury Trojan Pop Warner Youth Football/Cheer Program continues to flourish in Danbury for over 40 years. The Trojans are part of the Danbury Athletic Youth Organization, DAYO offers T-Ball, Flag Football, Lacrosse, Middle School Track & Field and Basketball plus a Speed & Agility Camp.  Over the years, we have enjoyed a tremendous amount of growth and success with our programs, which can be attributed to the countless volunteers that have given their time and talents to work with the children of our community.

As parents of a child showing interest in playing football what are some of the concerns or questions when deciding on whether he/she should play tackle football or where he/she will play.  This article will attempt to address your concerns and give clarity in helping you make an informed decision in the best interest of your child.

Pop Warner Football was established over 80 years ago.  The philosophy of the program is to provide the safest possible environment for children to learn the game of football.   The game of football has come under close scrutiny over the last decade.  Pop Warner and all those affiliated with the game have seen dramatic changes in the rules, the way the players are taught and the way the game is played. All of the changes are designed to improve the safety of those participating in the sport.  Our objectives are two fold, the development of those players that seek to play at a high school level  regardless of the sport and we also recognize many children may not go on to play at that level which is why it is so important to control the rules of play for the newer younger players.  Pop Warner emphasizes excellence in the classroom through The Little Scholars Program where each year children are recognized for their performance in school. 

There are other programs that have tried to mimic Pop Warner; none have had the success or safety record demonstrated by Pop Warner.

What are other questions you should be asking before deciding what football organization to join?

What does the organization look like? How long has leadership been in place?  What League do they belong and how long have they been operating, how many associations are part of the league, how many associations have left the league over the last few years?

DAYO’s leadership comprises of a number of members with 20+ years of experience, coaches with over 10 yrs.  We belong to the Southern Ct Pop Warner League they too have been in existence for over 30 years with long standing members as well.  At present, there are 18 associations that participate in our league, offering some of the most competitive youth football in the state.  Additionally, all association home field games are played on dedicated state of the art facilities or home town high school stadiums.

How are coaches selected, how much coaching experience do they possess, what kind of training do coaches receive?

Our coaches apply each season for head coaching positions they are given some autonomy in selecting assistant coaches.  Many of our coaches do not have children playing.  Some are past players that have come to give back to the program that helped them when they were young.  All are required to participate in off-season training which includes online and hands on clinics.  Most are CPR/First Aid Certified; all have been trained in concussion protocol.  Background checks are done for each coach and volunteer in our program each season, this includes our board members.  Pop Warner rules have been modified to limit the amount of practice time is dedicated for full contact drills.
Is transportation to away games provided? 

We provide team buses to away games for our upper levels. We do so to insure the team arrives with plenty of time to get ready to play the game.  Travelling together as a team with the coaches’ helps build better team spirit. It also removes the stress from parents having to deal with traffic and finding the away field location. 

Are there additional fees besides registration?   What does the organization provide for each player?  What is not included as part of the fee?  The Trojans provide helmet. shoulder pads both home and away jerseys, game pants, game socks and a mouth piece.  The player is responsible for practice pants, cleats and athletic cup and supporter.

The game of football is an emotional and challenging sport that requires dedication and commitment by players, coaches and parents in order to be successful.  Although we have had many winning squads over the years it is not just about winning.  If you properly train, practice and prepare you will have your share of wins but more importantly learning sportsmanship, teamwork, and dedication, doing well in school, gaining a love of the game are other measures of success.  If your child plays one season of football they will perform at a higher level in whatever sport they play next.  They will gain confidence in themselves, increase their self esteem and develop new friendships.

DAYO is committed to academic excellence and is part of the Pop Warner Little Scholars Program.  Each year we have our players and cheerleaders recognized on a national level for their achievements in the classroom and the community.

Participation by your child in any of our programs throughout their eligibility will allow them to apply for one of the four scholarships awarded each year to graduating seniors who plan to continue their education.

Many of our players have gone on to play in high school, college  and even the NFL.  A number of our coaches have gone on to coach in high school and beyond as well.  We are proud of our accomplishments and are constantly striving to improve in as many ways as possible.  Become part of the Trojan Tradition it can be a rewarding experience for both you and your child.  Get involved with DAYO we are always looking for people to volunteer and become part of our DAYO family.  Contact us at [email protected] 

If you have additional questions feel free to contact me at 914-707-9591, or [email protected]

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